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LOL. I just found this really amusing, a friend of mine was coming up with random infomercials and I thought all of you would really appreciate this one...


[woman, thin and pale, with dark circles under eyes]
woman: i used to be normal, but then i got really into U2. and i mean, REALLY into U2. i dressed up constantly as the edge, and i had nightmares about going to africa to work with bono, and seeing him eaten by a rabid gazelle. i had 20 beanies. and seeing mushrooms at the grocery store made me laugh and want to get a hold of a recording machine.
[man enters, puts his arm around woman]
man: but now you can get help. with this instructional booklet entitled "normal: you too," you will be able to overcome this U2 obsession. i used to be doing 30 repeats of "sunday bloody sunday" everyday, and now i'm down to 15!
woman: [reading booklet] this says that they install a thing that zaps you every time you try to put U2 on your CD player
man: er...yeah. *holds up bandaged fingers* but it works.
woman: oh.
man/woman together: thanks, "you too!"

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