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The Bank of U2 has a surplus!

Okay so some of you know I have this "bank of U2" thing going. I shuffle a little bit of every pay cheque, loose change, and spontaneously found money on the street to a savings fund for any future U2 concerts, endevors, global dominations, etc. I did this because once a long time ago I had to quite my job just to get at my vacation pay to afford to go to see Elevation the first time around.

However now we're at a small crossroads. I've apparently saved a lot of money. Enough to fly to any country in the world and see them three times over. But fear not I think the best solution is to continue saving. Who knows: maybe I'll have enough that i can quit my job again, live off rice and water, and just follow the band everywhere. :)

wow.... what a vision.!!!!!!!
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