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Hello Hello!!

September 16th, 2003

(no subject) @ 05:55 pm

Can I ask a favour of everyone in here please? Can you please either *not* post the results of the online quizzes here, or put them behind a cut-tag, as mentioned in the Community Info? Thanking you in advance!

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Date:September 16th, 2003 10:37 am (UTC)

An idea...

I'd like to add an extra suggestion to this:

Sometimes in the past there has been a tendency for lots of people to post their results to the same quiz, and it can start to clutter up the community. To avoid this, I would recommend that ONE person is allowed to draw attention to a particular U2 quiz, and if anyone else wants to post their results after that, it should be done in the comments section rather than starting a brand new post.

U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!