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Bono's AIDS Plan Turned Down By Bush

Irish rocker Bono has met American President George W. Bush to discuss the Aids crisis facing Africa, but had his demands for more US help rejected. The pair had a summit at the White House in Washington DC, where Bono tried to insist that the superpower increase its financial support - but Bush declined to agree with the U2 singer's requests. Bono admits, "We had a good old row. What I just can't agree with him on is the numbers." While Bush has instigated a five-year $15 billion plan to combat the spread of the epidemic in Africa, activists argue that this is simply not enough. Bono, there to push for a $3 billion initial investment, was forced to content himself with the US's original $2 billion offer. He told waiting journalists after the meeting, "I'm not here peddling a cause. Seven thousand people dying a day is not a cause - it's an emergency." While "depressed" with his failure to up America's contribution to dealing with AIDS in Africa, Bono believes the world leader is "sincere" in his commitment.
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