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September 19th, 2003

Album words @ 01:03 am

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A couple of years ago I started a thread on one of the U2 newsgroups in which I got people to choose a single word that they felt summarised each of the U2 albums. Not necessarily the theme of the album, but how it makes you feel (though you can interpret it whichever way you prefer). I don't *recall* this being discussed in the LJ community before, so I thought I'd suggest it here as well. :o)

You can read the original newsgroup thread here to see other people's suggestions. I'll lj-cut my own list so as not to influence anyone else who wants to try it:

Boy: Invigorating
October: Bleak
War: Cynical
Under A Blood Red Sky: Distant
The Unforgettable Fire: Soothing
The Joshua Tree: Big
Rattle & Hum: Attitude
Achtung Baby: Passionate
Zooropa: Comforting
Passengers: Offbeat
Pop: Familiar
All That You Can't Leave Behind: Tame

Interestingly enough, I just did that from scratch without reading the list I posted two years ago, and I didn't come up with the same word for a single album this time round.
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Date:September 18th, 2003 09:08 pm (UTC)
boy: youth
october: desperate
war: determination
under a blood red sky: exuberance
unforgettable fire: watercolour
joshua tree: discovery
rattle and hum: pure
achtung baby: deep
zooropa: ether
passengers: midnight
pop: men
all that you can't leave behind: wisdom
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Date:September 19th, 2003 11:25 am (UTC)
boy: energy
october: lost
war: anger
under a blood red sky: excitement
unforgettable fire: sorrowful
joshua tree: epic
rattle and hum:
achtung baby: colorful
zooropa: experiment
passengers: transition
pop: God
all that you can't leave behind: wonder

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Hello Hello!!