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I've downloaded a live version of "With or Without You", and there are lyrics in it I can't seem to find anywhere. The filename says it was recorded in Boston during the Elevation tour, but it seems to be different (or just an uncut version?) of the one from Elevation. I actually can't understand the lyrics at the end, but it goes "We'll shine like stars in the summer night (light?), we'll [sew? that's what it sounds like] in the rain and it'll be alright, one hope, one heart, one love". Before that Bono was speaking and it was hard to understand, but he seemed to be shouting "Foxboro, Boston, [something for a million] Thanks a lot... don't forget about us... This is where we live... is this where we live? Is this where we live?!"

Any help would be appreciated!

Alright, the file is here. Sorry if it doesn't work, my host has been known to be temperamental.
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