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So after having a fabulous day I get home, and when I see that the big brown package from amazon with my U2 calendar has gotten here I think "wow, my day is just getting better and better!"

But uh, I'm really disappointed by it. Basically, its to the point that if I had seen it in the store i definitely wouldn't have bought it. Its mostly pictures we've seen before, some of them are just variations of the same exact shoot! The design of the calendar itself was weird too...its unusable. The boxes supposed to represent the dates are all in weird orders and running vertically and crap. I really don't want to sound this a normal way of doing calendars? Or was Four5One just trying to be creative or something? I mean, i'm still going to use it and all because I bought it and its not like the pictures are bad...i just wish maybe they could have put in some live shots, or different eras, or anything! Or maybe a usable format! OY! Has anyone else gotten theirs yet? What do you all think?
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