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An interesting article:

From atu2, says it's from Dotmusic:

October 7, 2003

U2 are nearing completion on their new album, which Bono claims is
driven by the "unbelievable" anger of guitarist The Edge .

The singer has revealed that the band are on the brink of finishing the
follow-up to 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' , and plan to tour the
record in 2004.

Speaking to a UK tabloid in the promotional campaign for a reworked
version of the children's book 'Peter And The Wolf' , which is
illustrated by his paintings, Bono called the record a "monster".

He said: "We're nearly finished - we're in the home straight. There's
only one reason for U2 to put an album out right now - it has to be a
monster, a dragon, and this is."

Bono claimed The Edge 's frustrations with his singer's non-musical
activities had prompted the aggressive nature of much of the album.

"It's filled with big tunes and it's driven by a guitar player who is
sick of the sight of me shaking hands with dodgy politicians. The anger
is unbelievable," he said.

"The Edge is the most gifted guitar player of his generation - that's
obvious. He's driving it and he's going, 'This is enough, if I see one
more photo of you with a dodgy politician I'm going to throw up.'

"We're going to be touring again next year and I can't wait. It's a
hard thing to explain but, next to being with my friends and family,
the place I feel most comfortable in my life is on stage in front of
20,000 of my closest friends, or 150,000."

Bono also appealed to Coldplay singer Chris Martin to follow in his
footsteps on the political scene, suggesting he needed all the support
he could get in taking on world leaders.

"As regards shaking politicians' hands, shaking the tree or, in fact,
climbing the tree and pulling the f*cking apples off with my bare hands
if I have to, that's also me.

"But it's me doing a job I shouldn't have to - I feel somebody else
should. Chris Martin from Coldplay is very good at that. He's a fan of
U2 but he's taken on the fair trade thing. He's an extraordinary singer
and talent.

"I'm not handing on the baton but I'm giving him another one and he can
run very fast and I believe in him."


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