Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who

"Rare Missing Track on Melon"

If many of you fans and old Propaganda subscribers know/remember the OFFICIAL Melon cd release came with a Special "Melon Issue" along with the disc in the mail around 1995. In the issue there were separate interviews in the magazine with Martin Wroe(former editor of Propaganda), Nick Angel, and Flood who were all responsible for this remix compilation. Anyway, it was said that Trent Reznor(of NIN) fame came up with a remix of "Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car" but the track never made it to the compilation due to management/licensing issues with Reznor's label at the time(TVT) and Island/Polygram. But yes...Trent Reznor did do a remix for U2 that's unreleased to this day. Not even the infamous "fruitlegs" got their paws on it!

I hope U2 and Reznor release this track in some form someday. The original dat recording is probably sitting in Reznor's funeral-home-studio-dungeon somewhere.

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