Nicstar (nicstaru2) wrote in u2,

can't contain myself...

3 more sleeps til I can go and collect the Slane DVD from HMV. Sweeeeeet.

Is anyone here *not* buying it? You know I almost thought I'd wait a bit.... I was over the excitement of it all, Slane and all the rest. But as its getting closer, and I as I see trailers for it here and there, my excitement is kicking in. Not just for the DVD but for all things U2. Its been ages since I've put any U2 on at all. I kinda felt over it, well not really, but more that there is more exciting stuff to listen to at the moment. But with the DVD coming out in 3 sleeps (yes there's the EC teacher in me coming out), my whole U2 excitement is kicking back in.

I can tell you now, when the new album arrives on the shelves, I'll be practically wetting my pants!

And a P.S., as community mod for the month, yay for you guys being practically perfect posters thus far into November, and a reminder to keep it on topic about all things U2 if you don't mind. Thanks..
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