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An introduction

Hi, I'm Diana. 17 years of age, from Australia, and new here. I'm the only U2 fan I've know... so it'll be great to be here with people who feel like I do about them :)

U2 is a band I grew up on. When I was little, I heard their really famous songs - Streets, One, With Or Without You, and so on - on the radio, and fell in love with them, but somehow (I can't imagine how!) I never caught the song names, or the band. For fifteen years, till someone randomly gave me two of their albums, I wondered who on earth sang those songs... then I found out, and absolutely fell in love. They combined depth with passion and talent in a way I've never heard before, making them my Favourite Band Ever. I also know the fact that I 'dream out loud' is due to a large extent to their influence.

Anyway, enough of the 'I love U2' line... I could write a thesis on it, I swear! I was just wondering, does anyone know of any Macphisto transcripts, video clips or sound clips up on the web? Bono's old alter-ego really interests me as a character, and I'd love to find out more about him...
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