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I just watched the "U2 Month" of Programming on DIRECTV Satellite. Here's the breakdown of what was shown and what will be showing throughout the month of December on DIRECTV Channel 103 for those of you who also have the dish or soon will get. Well, now is the best time to subscribe and get rid of that Cable..hahaha! All programming is COMMERICAL FREE!

1.U2: Elevation Live From Boston--Similar concert shown on DVD minus the edits/song cuts that VH1 did when they aired it about a week ago.

2."Sweetest Thing" Video

3. "Bullet the Blue Sky"(Live)--This version was taken during the ZooTV Outside Broadcast in 1992. It originally aired during the 'Rock The Vote' TV special in 1992. However, this version is quite different. I noticed that it is shown in its entirety(full screen) unlike the original airing in '92 which was edited and only shown during the end credits of the tv special.

4."The Making of "All I Want is You" Video--Similar footage to what was being offerred on U2.com for a brief time. However, this documentary is cool because it showcases a slightly different version(rough cut) of the video of "All I Want is You" at the end. If you've watched the actual video you'll noticed the difference after seeing the version shown in this mini-documentary..

5."TRABANTLAND" Documentary--I first saw this documentary a while back on the internet but not in its complete entirety. This documentary focuses on the Trabbie cars of ZooTV/Zooropa shows and how they came about. Interviews with Paul McGuinness and the band members. Footage from Berlin and the making of the "ONE"(Drag Version) video which showcased the trabants as well. One funny scene involves the 'grumpy-drummer-boy' being pulled over by the German Polizei on the side of the road while driving one of the painted trabbies. Funny soundbytes in this one..

6."LOVETOWN"--I've only seen this rare documentary once when I went to the first ever U2 Chicago Convention in 1996. This documentary originally aired on MTV UK/Europe, and MTV Australia in 1989. It briefly documents U2's invasion of Sydney, Australia during the "Lovetown Tour 1989" w/ B.B. King. Includes Interviews w/band members and other lovetown folk. Footage includes LIVE versions of "HAWKMOON 269," "ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER," "GOD PART II," "ALL I WANT IS YOU," and "LOVE RESCUE ME". Again, the live footage was recorded in concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Documentary directed by Richard Lowenstein.

7."VH1: U2 Legends"--Same as the VH1 Special. Although, this version is commercial free and also includes the recently added 'ATYCLB' bits in the ending.

8."Please" Live Version from Rotterdam,Holland--Video directed by Maurice Linnane and Ned O'Hanlon. MTV and VH1 used to air this version in 1997 and 1998.

9."Breaking Down the Wild Horses"--brief mini-documentary of Phil Joanou talking about his working with the band during the making of the "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses Video" in 1992. Includes live ZooTV Outside Broadcast Footage and the video for "Who's Gonna Ride.."

10."Beautiful Day" Video.

11."MOFO" Video--This is interesting. It's a montage of footage from the PopMART Tour. This video version is the PHUNK FORCE REMIX found on the 12" vinyl version and also on the import MOFO: REMIXES single.

12."ONE" Drag-Version by Anton Corbijn.

I don't think I've missed anything. The list above may not be in exact programming order but I've recorded everything that they are showing on this channel. I also noticed that most of the footage on this programming was by DREAMCHASER PRODUCTIONS, which was responsible for the ZooTV Live in Sydney, PopMart Live in Mexico City, and the Elevation Live in Boston Official Releases. This breakdown of the programming is a cycle and it REPEATS every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 24 hours a day throughout the month of October on Channel 103 on your DIRECTV Satellite service. Don't Miss out! Get DIRECTV now!
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