Carolynn (ggcare) wrote in u2,

u2 go home in the classroom!

tuesday on my way to class i stopped by best buy to buy the new u2 dvd. i brought it to class so that i could look at the inserts before class started. somebody spotted it and said that she thought that it could be played in a cd player so we tried it since our teacher lets us listen to music while we work (it's an art class). it didn't work so she went to check if there was a dvd player and there was! we put it in and pulled the big overhead screen down, turned the lights off and watched it until class started (our professor was in her office). everybody kept saying how much they like u2 which really suprised me. when my teacher came in she had to turn it off so that she could use the overhead projector. when she was done with that she walked over and turned it back on for us while we worked! it was sooo awesome!
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