ghost child (projecte) wrote in u2,
ghost child

hey all, another newbie.

Been a fan of theirs ever since i heard "mysterious ways" but actually what drove me over the edge (honestly, no pun intended) was when i first heard "lemon"

At the time a lot of my friends said it was the absolute worst u2 song ever, but for some reason i fell in love with it instantly, it just had a very unique sound, just everything was awesome about it. So for that reason "zooropa" was the first u2 cd i purchased.

ever since then i've become a pretty big fan, and i've been fortunate to see them live 3 times. once for the popmart tour and twice more during the elevation tour. quite easily, one of the best acts ever to grace the stage.

anyways enough about my ramblings, nice to meet you guys' glad to have stumbled here!
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