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Anybody know this website?

Here's a question:

I'm pretty sure I saw it posted in this particular community, or I'm just losing my mind. There is this website that has some really good fan fiction for each individual member or a combo, if you please. ;) I had it bookmarked when I first found it, but then the computer broke and in the process of getting it fixed, everything that was ever saved was lost. And I never got a chance to look at the URL so I could refer back to it in case such an event would happen. I don't even remember the name of the site, but there's an intro page first where you click 'Enter' to get into the site. The color scheme is pretty dark and it's got a picture of the guys that looks like it's in a blue/purple-y light. If anybody can decipher what I'm trying to describe, and you know what I'm talking about, I'd really appreciate if you could put in a link. Thanks in advance, and if not, then my endless search shall continue!
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