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Sharon loves Bono

Did anyone see V Graham Norton last night?

Sharon Stone was the guest, and they played this game where members of the audience submitted photographs of themselves posing with celebrities, and Graham & Sharon had to sit with their backs to the screen and guess the celebrity from the audience member's description.

The last one they showed was a woman posing with Bono, and she was saying things like "He's Irish, very sexy, married with children" etc etc. Sharon Stone guessed it right, but Graham just looked puzzled for a few seconds, before bitchily saying that the "very sexy" thing had thrown him off. (He conceded that Bono is a nice man, but always feels compelled to comment on how ugly he is!)

Anyway, Sharon wasn't having any of this, and argued that Bono *is* very sexy. Graham was like "Really?? Have you met him?", and Sharon just went "No - you don't have to!" and made a very lustful face... mwahahaha!

I thought that was cool. *g*
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