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Hello Hello!!

March 30th, 2001

Woo hoo! @ 12:00 pm

I'm currently feelin: elevated

I went to the Charlotte NC show last night and it was UNBELIEVABLE. I got into the Purple Heart area which I totally wasn't expecting! They put on an awesome show... 110% better than Popmart, in my opinion.

Woo! I'm still elevated. :)

Hey, doesn't anyone post on here anymore?
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Date:March 30th, 2001 11:32 am (UTC)

got enough questions?

what songs are U2 playing?
what songs is PJ Harvey playing?
how much are teeshirts and the like? what are they selling?
what is the purple heart area?
Date:March 30th, 2001 03:21 pm (UTC)


1. Here's the set list of last night's show (which I got from www.u2tour.com... not that I didn't remember every single song..):

Tonight's (3-29-2001) setlist:

1. Elevation
2. Beautiful Day
3. Until The End Of The World
4. New Year's Day
5. Stuck In A Moment (Dedicated to Michael Hutchence)
6. Staring At The Sun
7. New York
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
9. Sweetest Thing
10. In A Little While
11. Ground Beneath Her Feet
12. Bad
13. Where The Streets Have No Name
14. Mysterious Ways
15. The Fly

16. Bullet The Blue Sky (Video intro with quote from Charlton Heston)
17. With Or Without You (Bono pulled girl on stage, kissed her hand before she left)
18. One
19. Walk On

1hr 50min Total

2. Unfortunately, PJ Harvey did NOT perform last night because she's sick. Nelly Furtado performed instead, and yes, this really disappointed me. :( So I'm not sure what PJ's been playing.

3. I didn't stick around too long for merchandise (figured I can buy some later on ebay, heh), but I noticed everything is fairly expensive, as expected... very nice-looking shirts, though. I don't think I saw any shirts cheaper than $20 to $30. They also had Edge-style ski caps, buttons (I think), posters, probably other stuff I didn't see. I only got a tour book, which cost $20. Eeks.

4. They have this heart-shaped catwalk that extends out from the stage, starting at one side, ending at the other. Inside the "heart" is what is called the Purple Heart, which is the area right in front of the stage. If you have general admission floor tickets, you have a chance of getting in there... they only let the first 300 (I believe) floor people in there, though, so you would have to get there early. :)

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Date:March 30th, 2001 03:08 pm (UTC)


I SO wish it was June! I get to fly out of these boonies (Montana) and go to Hartford and all four Boston shows!

How early did you get there to get into the heart?

Me n grey are gonna go wait at 9/am (or earlier) esp for the Boston shows!
Glad you had fun!

Date:March 30th, 2001 03:25 pm (UTC)

Miss Macphisto, I presume? hehe

Wow, that's gonna be great! I'm jealous!! :)

The show was at 7:30, and I got in line at 4:00... and easily made it into the heart. Fans in Charlotte may not be as fanatic as those in Hartford and Boston, though, so I'd say getting there at 9 AM is a good idea! I heard that the very first person in line at the Charlotte show got there at 6 AM... sheesh...
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Date:March 30th, 2001 11:04 pm (UTC)

Re: Miss Macphisto, I presume? hehe

People at the opening night of the tour were there at 4am. I would rather not chance it, though, and hence am going to be there with camping gear the evening beforehand (see my other entry in here).
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Date:March 30th, 2001 11:01 pm (UTC)

At the Heart of It All

I'm going to the San Diego, San Jose and Anaheim shows, and we'll be camping out starting the day before to get into the Heart. Fans are a little crazy out here. I recommend doing the same for Boston.

Incidentally, tour shirts are available for really good rates at u2.com, along with photos of the heart and the stage in general.

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