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*Innocent, and in a sense I am...*

OK, so I'm new, and I posted this comment a few days ago in response to someone else's entry. I figured, however, that it would more likely be read if I actually posted it as an entry. So sorry for the redundancy, but here it is in case you're interested...

"Hey everyone! I've been following along with this community for a WHILE now, so I figured, while we're talking 16 year olds, it would be a good idea for me to post. So yes, I'm another 16 year old fan. I got my first taste of U2 in the womb. No joke. I was due on November 7, 1987. My parents had tickets for JTree on September 12th. By September 15th, my mom's water broke, and I was born verrry premature on 9/17/87. So I guess I've always been a fan. My real love (some call it an obsession...ha), however, really began during the summer of 2002 before my sophomore year in high school. I don't know if I could pick a favorite album at this point, but I am definitely attached to my Best of 1980-1990. Notwithstanding this attachment, I just can't compare the amazing and unique aspects of all the different albums. Eh, maybe I'll be able to pick when I'm older...: ) Anyhoo, U2's music fulfills a place in my heart that no other music can fill. It is beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring. Thank God for U2.

Thanks for listening!

PS: I got a cherry red electric guitar for Christmas and named it the Edge. : )"
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