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You're Lemon!
You're a bit on the happy-go-lucky side, though not
so much that you don't care. You still enjoy
thinking about that one person--you know who
they are--and fantasizing about how you'll win
them over. You're generally happy and easy to
get along with, also smart and a
"thinker" type. And you may be known
to eat lemons raw.

Which U2--Zooropa Song Are You?
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The Fly:

You know how the world works, you've seen and
heard it all. You say what no one else will:
the unsavory is often most tempting. 'Our world
is in darkness tonight'. You'd fix it if you
could, perhaps, if only by being yourself.
You're wise enough not to take what the world
tells you too seriously, and encourage others
to do the same.

Which Song From U2's 'Achtung Baby' Are You?
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the fly
The Fly - Its no secret. that you spend your days
pondering the works of Nietzsche and Sartre in
your efforts to unravel the meaning of life.
The philosophical quest is evident in every
phase and facet of your life.

What U2 Song Are You?
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Hatless! Very rare!
No hat!

Which one of The Edge of U2's hats are you?
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