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U2 album participation..

I wanted to thank those of you who participated in the album rating/favourite songs posts I made. :) It was interesting to read what other U2 fans thought of the early stuff and the latter stuff. The most popular album loved is Achtung Baby and the album liked the least was October. We are all different people with different tastes and likes but the thing that keeps us together as a community is we are all fans of this incredible band...the best band in the world. :) Thank you for means a lot! :)

I was going to do Under A Blood Red Sky, Wide Awake in America, Passengers, Propaganda Remixes, The Best of 1980-1990, The Best of 1990-2000 and various others but I don't have time to do them. Someone else can do them if they wish.

Thank you all for playing..:) xox

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