DJediX (djedix) wrote in u2,

This christmas, baby please come home

Hey u2 fans, I need some input here...

Christmas is right around the corner, and well I need to get a u2 fan something for Christmas. I have this idea, and well here goes... I was a film major in college, and well I have this idea where I'm going to make a music video for this girl I'm like totally in love with. we used to go out... crap happens... anyways we are on very good terms again...

So what I'm going to do is take the song "In a little while" (which is the song that she loves to hear me sing, it's kind of like 'our song') and I'm actually going to 'sing' the song (lip sink) in a music video which is going to show me in all the old places we used to hang out/ grew up. I'm going to actually drive down to the beach and film there too, in this freezing weather. well at the end of the video I'm going to hold out my hand and be holding her Christmas gift, which will be a cross on a chain because she loves crosses. Then I'll watch it with her and then give her the cross.. hehehe.... anyways does this sound like a good idea? or am I over the line?
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