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Just a random thought.... I was reading a small article on violence and television and they quoted a mother as saying she would rather have her kids watching cartoons than violent programs and the news. That of course got me thinking in U2-ism mode. :)

"And the cartoon network turns into the news"

Tsk tsk.


Dammit when they going on tour again, I'm getting bored with this daily life. On that note also anyone made any plans for the next tour? After my own personal drama on the last tour (hint: quit my job to get the vacation pay, among other things) I've been making dramatic plans to make sure i see every moment of the Amazing Irish Four. I'm pretty sure they're going to play at Phillips Arena here in Atlanta as they've done so the past tour. It's a perfect venue and all but I wish they'd play for more than one night. Maybe 6 or 7, then they can have a night off ;-)

Im interested in hearing about any plans anybody might have? Any ideas or thoughts etc. I'm going to try desparately to get a U2 Atlanta meetup or something as the new album is released and the tour draws closer. Anywhos off I go to work!
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