nowhere man (noattentionspan) wrote in u2,
nowhere man

please don't kill me

hello, i'm laura. some of you may know me from a few years back as the mod of rewired. i do recognize arcmorality, *waves*
unfortunately i am not here to celebrate the greatest band in the world. i am here to sell my stuff. if that offends you, i am sorry and i will leave.

CD singles:
New Day
Mofo Remixes (UK)
The Sweetest Thing (UK)
Beautiful Day CD1 (UK)
Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of CD1 (UK)
Elevation (Australia)

The Unforgettable Fire
Wide Awake in America
Under a Blood Red Sky
Rattle and Hum
Desire 7"
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 12" single
With Or Without You 12" single
Desire 7" UK
The Longest Day - Live at Milton Keynes Bowl 6/22/85
Angel of Harlem 7" UK
The Fly 12"
Discotheque 3x12" 8 mixes UK
Desire 12"

Rattle and Hum

Rattle and Hum
PopMart Live from Mexico City
Rattle and Hum - Video CD (CD-R copy)
The Achtung Baby Videos
The Best of 1980-1990
The Unforgettable Fire sessions (copy)
ZooTV Live from Sydney


The Achtung Baby Working Tapes
The Cork Connection
Dublin 1993
PopMart in San Paulo Brazil (1/31/98)
All I Want Is U2

PopMart Johannesburg
PopMart Houston
ZooTV Houston
U2 songs without a home and on TV (a bunch of different stuff)
Happy Xmas Live at Point Depot 12/26/89
Rocks Hottest Ticket Chicago '87
Outside Broadcast
The Lost Broadcasts Vol. II (10/30/81 and 8/23/81)
1982 U.K. Tour (12/6/82, Hammersmith Palais, London)
Zoo Europa
Dublin 12/27/89 (Point Depot?)
U2: Faraway, So Close (8/11/93, Wembley Stadium, London)
Red Rocks: The Complete Concert
Macarana Out of Control (Barcelona 9/13/97)
Jesus Was a Cool Guy
Paddies Out of Control
Playin' The Daltons

U2: At the End of the World by Bill Flanagen
Another PopMart poster, U2 in front of a paneled wall, Bono in a see-thru lepoard print shirt (yum!)
Unforgettable Fire tour programme (US)
Pop promo window decal thingy
ZooTV bumpersticker
Bono is MacPhisto poster
Propaganda summer 2000 issue #1 volume #2
Beautiful Day subway poster
3 ZooTV pins (trabant, star, zooropa boy)
Unforgettable Fire era sticker
Faraway, So Close by B.P. Fallon
Propaganda winter 2000 issue #2 volume #2
Elevation tour grey t shirt
black knit Elevation hat
Zooropa sticker
October pin
JT pin
Sunday Times Excl. CD
Elevation Dallas poster

just make me an offer and keep postage in mind. some things may have gotten lost over time; i'll let you know if i can't find something. i'll throw in any boots of your choice for free just as long as they'll fit in the packaging (i.e. CDs don't fit in poster tubes). if you just want boots, the price is postage. you may comment or email me personally at
i think that is all. thank you.
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