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and while I'm at it

...another track from the Salome outtakes, aka the Axtung Beibi sessions, is a frightening piece FWT'd "Back Mask U2"....
It's possibly the strangest, scariest thing I've ever heard from these men... the entire instrumental track it seems is being run backwards, (hence "backmask") but the lyrics....

The lyrics are crushingly painful. His voice sobs and bleeds, thick with tears and desolate longing that's almost becoming frantic even as it knows it will be denied.

In the end, I think this became 'So Cruel' or at least was the springboard for it as the final line we hear as it fades out is "between the horses of love and lust... I'm trampled.. underfoot..."

Again... if you have not heard this, lemme know, email me at volare@livejournal or post here and I'll put it up for a few days. I'll have to take the other one down to do this, just so you're aware.
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