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In this weeks Entertainment Weekly:

The magazine did a review of what's coming up in 2004 in movies, tv, music, and books. They mention U2 as one of the critics' choices for music. Here's what they say:

U2, as yet untitles: Will they sustain the momentum of All That You Can't Leave Behind - or will they once again lead themselves astray? We'll know later this year with the arrival of U2's 10th studio album.

10 studio albums - that's incredible. I assume EW is referring to the Pop cd or Zooropa cd when it talks about "going astray?" That's the only period I can see critics not being too fond of. I own the two cds and they haven't quite grown on me yet, either, but I'm starting to appreciate Zooropa more. Anyway, it's not anything big, but it's something. It's exciting!
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