Carolynn (ggcare) wrote in u2,

found this on the grapevine, i like britain's "different" taste

U2's "One" Named Best Song

(11/18/03) -- There's no doubt that British music polls slightly differ from the good ol' US of A's. That's not to say they're inferior. Just different. A good example is the British based Q magazine's 1001 Best Songs Ever, which recently placed U2's soulful "One" at the top of the list. The song ranked above songs by The Beatles and Elvis Presley. U2 guitarist The Edge said, "When we named it, I always knew it would be number one at something." Recorded in 1990 for their Achtung Baby album, "One" marked a huge departure for U2 who were trying to reinvent themselves at that point. The songs were voted on by well-known musicians and Q's writers.
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