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Fleeting U2 thoughts........ about a new tour....

I know the next tour is a long long way off still... but I am just wondering where everyone is going to go see them?

I am in MT and for Elevation I was able to travel to Hartford for the one and then on to Boston for all four shows. I am really worried that this time I won't have the money to travel to the East Coast like I want! I guess I need to either start saving money *now* or paying off my credit card debts so I can do what I need to do and go where I want to go. I really really want to see the band in NYC this time around because I've fallen totally head over heels in love with NY.... it would be so awesome! I don't exactly know why, since I am closer to the west coast, that I feel a such a strong urge to see the band on the east coast. Strange. And, if anyone can see them in Hartford.. do! There was such a good atmosphere there.. I cannot even explain it. Then again, maybe it just rawked my socks more than others because I hadn't seen them live since Popmart in 1997 and it was (now/then) 2001!

My online friends and I started planning a long long time before the tour even happened. We knew where we were headed and when tickets went on sale we were there online with phones in hand, pounding keyboards and muddling through ticketmaster hell. Now this tour no Propaganda tickets? (worries).... None the less I am really really looking forward to all that excitement around planning! I can't wait to attend the church of U2. I cannot wait to fly away, to hug my friends, to make a silly sign, to wait outside the hotel or sound check, to sit in the sun all day with people you don't really know, but yet you *really* know them..... waiting for that glorious spot in GA, waiting for the first note of the first song. Ya know, I am really a dork.. I have already ordered a new set of license plates for my car so that I can bring one (once again) -- like I did for Elevation! Hahaha! (Old plate not useable on car due to all four signatures of band on it! AHHHH! See below)

Well.... I am jabbering too much - something I haven't done in a U2 community for a long long time... I guess I just needed to get that off my chest! =)

Just a few of questions out of curiosity....

1. Where do you plan on going to see U2 when they tour again? Realistically, not "Oh EVERYWHERE!! I am following from one end of the globe to the other!" - (unless you really mean it!)

(((I am hoping for NYC, Hartford, Atlanta and possibly Boston if all shows can fall into a certain time frame.))))

2. How many times have you seen them? What tours and cities?

(((Popmart 97 Dec - Seattle WA and Elevation 2001 June - Hartford CT and four Boston shows. )))

3. Are there any U2 fans here that are my age (30's and up) or people that have been fans for years? I know the people I know.. I am just wondering because there are so many new people here now!

4. Am I the only U2 fan here in Montana? I feel very alone! Speak up!!

Here are some pictures for you guys to check out from when I met the band in Boston. Well, one of the times I met the band.... You can see my license plate with all siggies too! =)
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