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The Best of Elevation - First Leg....

OK, I thought I would start this topic now that the first leg is over six months old (and because rocknrollbirdie brought it up). I'm looking for suggestions on the best *sounding* bootlegs. Not the concerts that were great because you were there, but the bootlegs that sound the best. And, since that is what this is about, please provide source information. As I've said before, people can say the San Jose 4/20 is a great sounding boot, but I know of *at least* six different tapers of that concert and the quality ranges from OK to excellent.

So, I'll start out, but I have to say I do not have every boot, so please chip in, but like I said, say the source of your audio CD (I would imagine mp3's don't qualify since most people have no idea who taped that show).

(This is based on my having 50 boots from the first leg and is in chronological order)

Miami Dress Rehearsals (3/22 - unknown 'taper', but an ALD) - this is a great show to listen to just because it is the guys rehearsing. It is more of an interesting listen rather than a must have. I also feel like I am invading their privacy at the end when they have someone come Bless their tour.

First Night Soundboard (3/24 - unknown 'taper' but a soundboard or ALD) - a really great listen even though the tracks fade in and out at the beginning and end. The fade ins/outs aren't as noticeable as those darned clicks that you sometimes get between tracks. I think that is because this fades.

Charlotte (3/29 - taper: GW) - Just a good sounding boot.

Portland (4/15 - taper: GL) - very good sounding boot and has some cute moments especially during In a Little While when Bono has either his or Edge's daughter up on stage (I forget which) and she sings into the mic and gets embarrassed.

San Jose (4/20 - taper: SG) - really good sounding. Also the first time Stay and Kite are played during this tour. Bono also said it was his best concert of the tour (this was the day or so after :)

Minneapolis (5/1 - taper: MC) - Just another good sounding boot.

Cleveland (5/3 - the ALD/audience mix that just came out in the last couple months) - WOW! This is probably the best sounding boot of the first leg. Mixing an ALD with a bit of audience to get the bass and a bit of audience and you would just be amazed!

Chicago (5/16 - ALD by LC) - Just a really interesting sounding show. I think someone should mix this with the audience recording and you would have another excellent one like Cleveland.

Boston (6/9 - taper: DD) - A great concert and a good sounding boot. This was only the second concert that got 'put through a blender'. Party Girl was also first played in eight years.

Philadelphia (6/12 - taper: BN) Just another very good sounding boot. Really clear sounding.

New York (6/17 - taper: SB) Again, just another great sounding boot. Scott does excellent tapings!

OK, those all get my vote for the first leg (if you are searching for boots, these get my vote). I'd love to get feedback from other collectors/listeners. If you want to take a stab at other tours or other legs of this concert, can I suggest starting another entry instead of adding onto this one please?
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