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I don't know why this is on my mind...

Do you think "New York" could have been written post-9/11?

e.g. if ATYCLB had been in production at that time, not released yet.

It's a hard song for me to listen to, but that's largely because I hadn't yet "come back to" U2 when the album was released, and I never even heard the song until much later, after 9/11. Maybe if I'd heard it before the incident, I might have a different association, but as it stands now.... being from Boston, where two of the planes were hijacked from, having family and friends in NYC, and being a FF/EMT who lost so many brothers and sisters in the NYPD/FD/EMS, it's a song that's almost too painful for me to play. I switch away from the U2OutLoud stream when it comes 'round.

An interesting touch on Boston Elevation... "New York" footage in black&white... knowing it was filmed a few scant weeks before everything happened... but released after, deciding to keep it but paying a silent respect via the solemnity of grayscale....

I wonder what it would have sounded like to me, if I'd pulled my head outta my @$$ earlier enough to have heard the album prior to 9/11. I wonder if it would make me remember spending sweltering summers in Brooklyn visiting family, or the Bronx Zoo, or the headyness of the elevators that go to the top of the Empire State Building. I wonder if I'd envision the fun and grit of putzing around Greenwich Village, the smell of the subways, the sudden juxtaposition of Central Park's peacefulness to 7nd Avenue's bustle.

but for me, it will never be anything but a lamentation for the way the world was before the attacks on my country.

any thoughts?
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