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U2 Quotes.....

Come on and post the best ones you got!!!!

"In a live situation, there's
really no such thing as perfection...
You can't deal in perfection.
You can only deal in emotion."

"Our music never had a roof on it. It's music that likes to float.
I think that's one of the reasons why we enjoy
these big open spaces, because it can't contain the music."

"For me, that term "pop" is like a candy bar.
You buy it because you like it, you eat it, and then you throw it away.
It has no long-term meaning or value." Edge

Fan named Matt: (As a fellow fan prepares to take a picture of him with Larry)
"You know Larry, I'm a drummer in a band too."
Larry: (Looks at fan and shrugs, smiling pleasantly toward the camera)
"Well, Matt, we all have our problems." (After a PopMart gig)

Those are the 4 I could find for now!!
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