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Howdy, my fellow Lemonheads. I have a friend who is studying abroad in Scotland as we speak, who just IMed me about ten minutes ago to tell me about their long weekend trip to Ireland. (I studied abroad two years ago so I got to tell him lots of fun places to go - it hurts to think about how much I miss it. Anyway...) They did lots of very neat things, but what is most important here is that on their last day on the way to the airport their little bus made a stop at Bono's house. Not surprisingly, there was a group of people gathered outside taking pictures at the gate and things, when this car pulled up.

And the window rolled down.

And Bono stuck his head out and waved.

And went inside his house.

I was very excited about this, as I have never seen any of the boys in the flesh (well, not really). The closest I have been is about a hundred yards at various concerts. I'm a huge nerd. :) Thank you, that is all.

Anybody here ever met them/seen them/breathed the same air for a while?
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