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Live CD?

this may come off a bit awkward, but, here goes:

I watched the Slane Castle concert on Direct tv the entire month of December. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. To say I enjoyed it was an understatement. I've never been to a U2 concert...or, any concert, really. (Shhhh...I'm blocking out that *one* concert I went to when I was twelve to see... *ashamed look* New Kids on the Block *hangs head in shame* you know why I wanted to block that out and forget it.) I've heard a couple of songs performed live, and, amazingly, they sometimes sound better than the studio recordings! (With or Without You being my favorite) I suppose, like a good wine, it gets better with age, things are fine tuned, and all that energy of the crowd mixed in...well to say I was blown away would be about right.

I suppose there's a point coming along sometime soon...Ah, yes! here it is!
Do you ever think (seeing there's a DVD of it) that the concert at Slane Castle will be made into a cd? The songs, anyway? A live U2 cd down the road shortly? Am I the only one liking the idea of a live performance CD?

I have an extreme fondness for "Out of Control" and "All I Want is You" from Slane(Never having heard it before the DirectTV showing--I know, I know, I'm a bad U2 fan. I'm only familiar with the radio tunes. Only recently have I started purchasing the cd's.)

That's it for now, just that one question...(or two) up in there somewhere. ;o)

oh, and, hi! :o)
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