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she sees the man inside the - chiiiiiiiild! get it right. hehe

yo yo yo!!!

I've been watching the Best of dvd the past couple days. I finally saw the GOOD Stuck video. God it's so good. I can't believe they'd give us yanks that other piece of crap. It's poo!

dude everytime I hear this wak version of Mysterious Ways I have to sing it the RIGHT way! :D ehhe

ok I still don't get the LNOE vid. I remember when I first saw it all those years ago I thought it was an alien invasion... anyways does anyone know what the hell is going on there?

oh and I saw alternate Numb & SATS vids that I'd never seen. That was neat.

anyways yeah there's more little things but I can't remember and I'm sure you don't care anyways. hehe :p
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