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oh and me & my roomy steffy (also a big fan) have decided a few things:

*UTEOTW is one of the few songs that actually sounds better on cd than live. :p

*Electric Storm is wak. he's on the train to Africa! and "if the sky can crack there must be someway back" = WAK! :p

and I decided that I REALLY like this dvd! there's actually some cool ass videos on here! I mean obviously they songs themselves are good, but some of these videos are really fun to watch too! hehe. Everytime I go for a long time without some U2 and then come back to it I'm always like "GOD this is SO GOOD! I don't listen to this enough!" and that I believe is why they will always be my favorite. I may not be as obsessed as I once was but still everytime I come back it's always still amazing. I love U2! :)
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