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Mmm, uptight.

The latest in the drama of Bono's cussing and the FCC.

The FCC on Thursday overruled its enforcement bureau, which caused an uproar last October when it decided that Bono's use of the expression "f***ing brilliant" during an NBC awards telecast did not violate the FCC's decency standards since it did not refer to sexual or excretory functions, as defined by law. (In its findings, the FCC called the four-letter word "profane," raising a number of eyebrows among both opponents and supporters of the decision.) The commission maintained that the expletive did indeed violate decency standards but, by a 3-2 vote, held back fining NBC for it, holding that stations had never been placed on notice that broadcasting such language would violate the law. FCC Chairman Michael Powell, voting with the majority, issued a statement saying, "Given that today's decision clearly departs from past precedent in important ways, I could not support a fine retroactively against the parties." However, the family advocacy group Parents Television Council said that it was outraged by the decision, saying that it "does nothing to hold NBC accountable for an obvious breach of common-sense decency standards."
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