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March 24th, 2004

How? @ 11:57 pm

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I believe we just did this a couple months ago, but I think we've added a few people since then... and I like talking about it anyway, so I'm going to ask. ;)

How did you become a U2 fan? What do they mean to you?

(How excited are you about the new album?! Eee!)
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Date:March 24th, 2004 10:53 pm (UTC)
I guess I will be the first to respond.

I became a fan sometime between '87-'90 which would mean yes, I would have been between the ages of 4-7. As you can see I cant remember exactly when bc I was so young. I became a U2 fan bc my 2nd oldest sister was a fanatic, she and I shared a room growing up so it was pretty easy for it to rub off me. I remember how she had VERY corner, inch of her walls covered with something U2 related.

Without getting to heavy, U2 mean more to then I could write or say bc they have helped me through the hardest times and the best times of my life, everything from illness to deaths to weddings to family members moving away to anything and everything in between.

As for the album, I am super excited bc I have had alot of things happen in the last 3yrs since the last album came out and I need some more healing like I did when ATYCLB came out.
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Date:March 25th, 2004 03:35 am (UTC)

It was in 1999 and I had been a big fan of the Channel 4 show TFI Friday for several months (years?). They had this tradition of using something entertaining to lead into the ad breaks, and for one series they had the U2 Massive Heads from the Zooropa Tour dancing to music every week. I had never been a U2 fan, I knew virtually nothing about them, but I adored the Massive Heads and I ended up collecting pictures of them and putting them on a web page. I started researching the real band so I could find out all the members' names, and I just found myself becoming fascinated with all the fan sites out there, and wondering why I didn't know much U2 music if they were supposedly such an important band. It's hard to describe but I just had this weird *feeling* that I ought to be a U2 fan, so I bought a couple of CDs and the rest is history. They have completely changed my life... it was meant to be.
Date:March 25th, 2004 04:40 am (UTC)
I became a U2 fan in 1995, and all because of a little song called "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me." I saw the video on MTV once, and I loved it so much that I would stay up until 3am just to watch it again (they loved to play it in the middle of the night for some reason). I honestly had never heard of U2 before, and I had no idea how far back they went. But I mentioned them to my dad, and he gave me his copies of The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. Of course I was hooked instantly. *grin*

I'm glad to see that they mean so much to other people... it makes me feel less crazy. Their music has consistently been the most important thing in my life - it makes day-to-day living bearable, and it's helped me through the best of times and the worst of times. They've influenced so much in my life... I just couldn't imagine it without them. Words can't even begin to describe it.

And I'm so excited about the new album that I could run down the streets screaming! (And I just might...)
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Date:March 25th, 2004 05:04 am (UTC)
Well, I remember drooling over Bono back when I was in high school -- 1984 and 85... Then when with or without you came out it hit me hard like a ton of bricks and I've been hooked ever since. And there is no way to describe what they mean to me. But it can all be felt when standing at a concert and the first song, or flash or change in scenery happens when you are waiting for the show to begin!
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Date:March 25th, 2004 05:24 am (UTC)
I grew up on U2. Sadly, I was born when the Joshua Tree came out. 'Sadly?!', many of you might exclaim in disbelief. Yep, sadly, for I missed my favourite era and the one that I feel was the best: pre-JT. Womanfish demo and anything before, we're talking here. That's not to say that I don't absolutely love the recent stuff - it's hard to say my favourite era's pre-JT when it's missing MacPhisto and a forty foot lemon!

Anyway, I just got myself off-track in the quickest way possible. My whole family are U2 fans of varying degrees, from my uncle who is a fanatic like myself to my grandmother who loves With Or Without You. Where I grew up - semi-rural New Zealand - U2 was one of those things that Everyone Knows And Likes. If you didn't like U2, you were an idiot, and if you didn't know U2 ... such a wretched creature simply did not exist. I nearly collapsed when I met someone who didn't know U2. So growing up in this environment, it would come as no surprise that when a new U2 CD came out, I would want it because it'd be GOOD.

My first U2 CD was the Best Of 1980-1990 when I was eleven (I think it was my first CD ever, or very close to it), and when ATYCLB came out in 2000, it was the thing I wanted most for Christmas. I played that thing a lot and was hooked on tracks 1-4 for ages. But it wasn't until Christmas 2002 that I became a fanatic. During 2002 my liking of U2 grew, and when I heard they had a new single out (Electrical Storm), I was keen to hear it and when my friend told me it was good, I was rather excited. My excitement for U2 grew when the ads for the Best Of 1990-2000 came on TV and Mum bought a copy in the first week for my Christmas present, so I got the bonus DVD as well. With this present ... well, who can blame me for quickly becoming a fanatic? By the New Year I reasoned I needed every U2 CD there was, and luckily enough, my birthday's in January. By April 2003, I had every CD and a number of videos. The rest is history. My main hobby is now trading U2 concerts, my LiveJournal is filled with U2 ramblings, people tell me anything U2-related they can (but never say "you too" around me any more), and so on ... look, I'm rambling about them now! I can't help myself! Ask me a very basic question and I tell you my life story. U2 = life, of course.

And that's true. U2 does equal life for me. In 2000, Walk On saved my life, and in 2003, Wake Up Dead Man saved my faith. U2 means so much to me that I cannot possibly describe it to anyone. Few actually understand. It's just ... their music can move you in the most incredible ways. Mysterious ways, perhaps? *grin* I just ... I love the band so much, they're so insightful and inntelligent and real. Life without U2's music would be so empty and hollow.
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Date:March 25th, 2004 06:18 am (UTC)
1984, early teenaged me has the local video station on the TV while putzing around the house. a strident, ringing guitar riff makes me look up, and there were these young men in what looked like an empty auditorium. the singer leapt down from the stage and threw his mic in the air and danced.....

".....they took your life, they could not take your pride...."

and that, as they say, was where it all started.
20 years later, name just about any incident in my life and those same four men are involved somehow......

sometimes it makes me stop and shake my head to realise we're all of us two decades gone from that day, when the touch of grey in their beards makes my throat catch just a little. somehow to me we - they and I - are frozen forever in that day in 1984, young and earnest and passionate, wide-eyed and full of righteous desire and a little magic thrown in.
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Date:March 25th, 2004 06:46 am (UTC)
I actually just became a fan last year. One day "Stuck In A Moment" randomly got stuck in my head. I had no idea it was U2. One night I was out with my boyfriend at the time, and we were at Best Buy, and we passed by the U2 section. Somehow I figured out that they sang "Stuck" plus "Beautiful Day" which I hated at first, and I bought All That You Can't Leave Behind on impulse. I enjoyed it a lot, and then my boyfriend made me a U2 mix so I could become acquainted with their other stuff. I've been hooked ever since.

All That You Can't Leave Behind saved my existence. That's all I have to say. Their music truly means a lot to me. I'd give anything to see them in concert, and hopefully I'll have that experience someday.
Date:March 25th, 2004 07:03 am (UTC)
TELL me about it! "What you don't have now, you don't need now." That line, alone, keeps me sane.
"The only baggage you can bring is all that you can't leave behind." I threw away a LOT of crap (literal stuff and emotional crap) when I heard that - and came to understand it. It really freed me.
Date:March 25th, 2004 07:00 am (UTC)
My way-cool uncle was a U2 fan. Not hard-core or anything. He just liked them.
I came home one day with Achtung Baby; I borrowed it from my friend Karla. I was listening to "Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World," when uncle Joe walked in. He said, "Those are the same guys that sing your song, 'Gloria.'"

I'm really into Bono's lyrics. Especially Boy. And POP. I'm into the deep, deep spiritual lyrics. I think I know what he means when he sings, "Please, get up off your knees."
I also *LOVE* the drums on Achutng Baby. That album inspired me to save cash and buy a drum set. I wanted to BE Larry Mullen, Jr!!

U2 is especially meaningful now that I'm a mom, and I'm sharing this music with my kids, who are still babies - but I know they'll be listening to U2 for at least as long as I'm around.

I was really proud this one time when I could SEE that my 16-month-old son recognized "With or Without You." I was watching a Friends episode, and on came the song. He quickly turned around to watch the TV. Such a Smart Kid!!! =)
Date:March 25th, 2004 02:31 pm (UTC)
*smile* I know exactly what you mean when you say you wanted to be Larry Mullen Jr. :)

I can't play the guitar to save my life but I'd love to be able to play (and write!) the way Edge does.
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Date:March 25th, 2004 07:07 am (UTC)

August 27, 1995

I was in a very bad place in my life, i had lost some family members in a freak accident, and I was too depressed and too involved in everything bad for me, i was trying to make myself feel SOMETHING other than pain...

anyway, I was at work with a guy that at the time I didn't care for, he and I were fighting over the radio (vastly different musical tastes) and he won, well, Sunday Bloody Sunday came. Some thing about it struck me and i never wanted the song to end. At the time I remember the singer was filled with so much passion, I wanted to have that too. It turned out that it was a "block" of music and the next song was them too, this one was I Still haven't found what I'm Looking for. THat was it. I was hooked but I had no idea who they were. I tried to find out, but came up with nothing (this was pre-internet for me and my family)...

it turned out that the next week the guy from work gave me a cassettes tape with a U2 mix of songs on it. He said that he had never seen me look as happy as I did while those two songs were playing, and he wanted me to have that happiness in my life. We started dating right then.
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Date:March 25th, 2004 07:16 am (UTC)
Well, first of all, I remember my very first exposure to U2. I had to be about 4 (which would make sense, because I turned 4 in 1987, the same year The Joshua Tree was released). I think I was watching Reading Rainbow on TV (or some other PBS kids show), and the episode show was about Ireland. Now, I'm 75% Irish, so this was really cool to me, even at that age. Anyway, they started talking about the music of Ireland, and toward the end they said, "And there is great rock music from Ireland, too. The rock band U2 is from Dublin." They played a clip of U2 in concert. I remember being really excited that there was an Irish rock band. I ran into the other room to tell this to my dad, and he smiled and said, "Yep, they're from Ireland. And they're very good, too."

I think I probably became a U2 fan when I was about 9 years old. I had just started to get into pop music, and Achtung Baby was all over the radio. However, my radio station (thankfully) still played the '80s stuff all the time, too, so I was getting exposed to all of the classics at the same time as well. The funny thing was, though, that I didn't immediately put together that the band who did "With Or Without You", "Pride", and "Sunday Bloody Sunday" was the same band who did "One" and "Mysterious Ways". I didn't start buying music when I was that young, so I didn't go to the record store and see the U2 display. I really don't remember when I put it all together, but I guess by the time I was 12 or 13, U2 were one of my favorite bands. And they have been ever since. :D
Date:March 25th, 2004 07:49 am (UTC)
I became a fan in '89 or '90, which would have made me 11 or 12. My brother brought home Rattle and Hum the movie. We both watched it; he was not impressed. I, on the other hand, was crying by the end of the film. It really spoke to me like no other music had up until that point.

Definitely a life changing summer for me.
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Date:March 25th, 2004 08:29 am (UTC)
I've been a fan for awhile, since I was a kid. I grew up with them.

Full story can be found here.

I'm a huge Tiger Woods fan, just like I am a U2 fan. Last night at work one of my co-workers asked me if I had to pick between all of the members of U2 or Tiger Woods dying, which would I choose? Assume I'd get to meet either U2 or Tiger, and then the next day the other dies... which would I choose?

As much as I love Tiger... I chose to meet U2 and then have Tiger die the next day. My co-worker was surprised (considering I am Tiger Woods crazy), but I just figured... I can live without sports. I can't live with U2. The only thing getting me through this semester is the promise of them touring by the end of this year. I think before Bono dies they should record him speaking (and singing!) every word in teh English language. Then we can pretend he's still alive.

Or at least make his voice that recording that says "if you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again..." Haha.
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Date:March 25th, 2004 09:45 am (UTC)

U2 has always been there in my life, at least in the background, as my mother raised me in the 80s on MTv and all its lovely 80s music (that was back when it still had class). She was a fan of U2, so I got to know their music. However, I did not become personally fanatical until quite recently - actually, until "All That You Can't Leave Behind." That album kind of woke me up again to U2 and I analyzed them in my own new way, finding that I like "Achtun Baby" the best, though singles on ATYCLB hold profound meaning for me at this time. What happened was I grew up and suddenly was able to relate to U2's written lyrics - I suddenly understood all they were saying and realized how beautiful and brilliant their words are; they are not just songs, they are poems of truth and significance and I think that a song is made not just by the way it sounds, but by what it says too. This is why "Kite" is my anthem - growing up is about saying goodbye to people you don't want to lose, and it is about really falling in love, finally. Unfortunately, often these two things coincide, which is why I love "Kite." It helps me put these things into perspective.

Words cannot express my delerius euphora at the new album/tour. If they can still rock my socks with ATYCLB, I can't imagine what genius and beauty they'll come up with next. As for the tour itself, I rediscovered U2 at the END of the Elevation Tour and heard that they announced their retirement - that they were going to move onto other things in their life now - so naturally, I felt that I had missed out on one of life's great experiences, not to mention the opportunity to be in the presence of such enlightened geniuses...SO, of course I feel like I have been given a second chance now and will do whatever it takes to get my butt into a stadium for one of their concerts.

Date:March 25th, 2004 02:28 pm (UTC)

becoming a fan....

I was a sophomore in high school when the Batman Forever soundtrack came out. I bought it because I liked the Seal song, and ended up falling in love with Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.

At the same time, I was in a group of writers. One of the members was (is) a big U2 fan. He'd mentioned the band several times, and while I had heard the big hits (Sunday Bloody Sunday, With or Without You, Mysterious Ways, One...), I hadn't been exposed to much else. Shortly after I mentioned how much I had enjoyed Hold Me, a mix tape arrived in the mail, with a couple of songs off of each album to date.

....and I was hooked. So hooked. U2's still the first band name out of my mouth when people ask me what I listen to.

As I reflect back on how much their music and their message (and their bellydancers) shaped my life, I guess I have a lot to thank my friend for!
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Date:March 26th, 2004 07:53 pm (UTC)

It's kind of fuzzy...

I remember hearing songs up through Joshua Tree on the radio. I really started liking U2 when I saw the "Where the Streets Have No Name" video on MTV, which I guess I was 9 or 10.

Through high school I spent most nights falling asleep to Achtung Baby or Zooropa. I argued with a girl senior year when we were talking about U2 winning the Alternative Album Grammy and she said that U2 sold out. (Heretic!).

Anyway, I lost touch with the band through college, I didn't buy Passengers, Million Dollar Hotel, or POP. I did buy All That You Can't Leave Behind when it came out, but I only listened to it a few times before 9/11/2001. After the tragedy, I saw a tribute that MTV made using either Walk On, or New York. CNN did the same. I immediately grabbed the CD and played through it, crying the whole time. I didn't know anyone in the WTC or Petagon, or in those planes, but the attacks were still very hard for me to take. ATYCLB helped me through it, and that is when I started going back through my older U2 CDs.

I have since bought all the ones I was missing (well, have't gotten Million Dollar Hotel or Passengers yet...). Now that I own Slane Castle and Elevation Live from Boston, I am determined to see them at least once live during their next tour.
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Date:March 28th, 2004 01:37 pm (UTC)
Hey Im new here so come talk to me sometimes.
Anyways back in 94 i was in seventh grade screwing around with a radio in class and my teacher said not to turn it on so i did and heard the song Pride(In the name of love) and it was probably like the last minute of the song but that was all it took when i heard the dj say who it was. When I got out of detention and begged my mom to take me to walmart I bought achtung baby cuz i couldnt find the unforgettable fire and Ive been crazy about these guys for the last 10 years.

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