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U2 gifts.

Hey all.

I need some ideas. My brother is a huge U2 fan. I'd safely call him really obsessed. Or even more. His birthday is May 6th and I'm trying to think of something to get him. I want to find something good that's U2 related, but rare. The reason I'm searching so early is because he always comes up with good ideas for me for my birthday, so I want to come up with something great for once. Something no one else would have thought of.

I was hoping you guys and ladies could help me out. He owns every album, every soundtrack they appear on, every dvd, every album not released in the u.s., all the posters, all the books. So all those are no-go's. He even has most of the t-shirts (if not all) and what not, but I'm looking for something better.

He travels all over for the concerts; and drove to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on a Friday after work just to see the U2 exhibit. Most of my love for U2 has developed from his years of being a fan.

I'm not too creative (artsy), but I'm willing to listen to anything. Don't worry about price, if it gets too pricey - I can go in on the gift with my other brother. If it helps at all, he'll be turning 24 yrs old.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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