Kelsey (stainedrose) wrote in u2,

Hello...New here

Hello my name is Nikita and I am a U2 fan that has lost connection with the U2 fan news and news itself. *cries* I have been a fan since I was born because of my father and mother. My father would sang their songs to me so I could go to sleep at night and he was tell me about the concerts he went to(he was 21 when I was born so yea he is a young folk like person) but, he was a true fan of U2 and see I naturally became one as well not as good as him but, I would like to become a true fan I would like some help I mean I am the oddball of my school because I love U2 and I think I just want to have friends who like or LOVE them like I do and I thought this might be fun.

Oh yea ummm.....BONO IS HOT I DON'T CARE HOW OLD HE IS. I WANT TO JUST GET A KISS ON THE LIPS OR CHEEK OR EVEN GET HUGGED BY HIM I DON'T CARE I ADORE HIM THAT MUCH. His lyrics and U2's music have helped me through a lot and I really wish somehow I could write to them and say thank you for everything.

Well that is all

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