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So I'm in my last few days of my senior year of high school, and things with a couple of girls (I go to an all girls school) that I've been so close to for the past four years are just falling apart, and I can't begin to say how much it hurts sometimes when I think about it...I'm listening to Rattle and Hum right now, and the live version of Pride came on, and I immediately felt lighter. When I heard the very beginning of the song, I smiled and I felt so much better about things than I have in the past few days. It's incredible what U2 can do for the heart.

I also wanted to say - I might be deleting my LJ soon. There are things going on and such and I'm thinking of stopping the LJ thing. So I wanted to say thanks to everyone in this community. I might check back in from time to time because there is so much great stuff in this community. But thanks to yall who keep it running, and to everyone in the community. I love it here ;)
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