the muddafukin czar of neptune (echoboom) wrote in u2,
the muddafukin czar of neptune

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i walked into a local indie music store yesterday...

all that you cant leave behind was priced at 19.99.

no fucking way would i pay that much for one basic cd.
i dont care that i would be helping out a local indie shop compared to the large corporate giants.
that price is ridiculous. i understand its easier for the larger stores to sell such an item at a lower profit margin, but 19.99 isnt worth any cd at all.

what stinks for the store is that they recently moved from their larger location to a venue half the size located one block from my house.
maybe if they didnt rape the customer with their charges, they would have sold more items and been able to stay in their original location. but i didnt inquire about the move.

the only way i would pay that much would be to impress a girl in some way that would lead to something incredible. (though i find it already impressive that i bought that motherfucker one second after midnight when it was released and scored the bonus disc. this alone should get me laid, but alas, still hasnt....)
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