Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who

"New York City Cops"/"11 O' Clock Tick Tock"

I saw The Strokes perform last Friday in Chicago and thought the concert was phenomenal. Before they got onstage "Ultraviolet" was playing on the PA system and has been previously described by lead vocalist, Julian Casablancas, as his "...favorite U2 song of all time." After their rather controversial song, "New York City Cops" guitarists Albert Hammond, Jr. and Nick Valensi had their U2 moment by each repeating the riff to "11 O'Clock Tick Tock" which I think nobody got from where I was standing. I thought it was funny. Unfortunately, it was an all 'All Ages Show' and all the underage 'hipsters' in attendance had to go home so the 11:00 PM curfew was in effect. Apparently, very little in attendance got the joke.........

I thought the performance was excellent. Cool haircuts. Smoked a joint afterwards.

Ok hipster-stuff aside but I'm rather curious to know if anybody else has smoked a joint at a U2 show? Anybody else do any illegal drugs during a U2 show before?? Please share your stories.
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