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Bono and The Corrs talkin' about each other

From yesterday's Telegraph Magazine, p.33-34:

Speaking of the notoriously hard-living siblings from Oasis, the Irish rock superstar Bono once remarked that the Corrs could drink the Gallaghers under the table. 'That's typical of something Bono would say,' Sharon retorts, 'because Bono can't keep up with us either, I'm afraid.'
'We wanted the world to hear us,' Sharon says. 'And we want it again. We don't see any reason why we shouldn't be more successful than we have already been.' It is a level of ambition that also characterises this new, upwardly mobile version of Ireland. 'U2 paved the way,' Sharon says. 'They were the coolest of the cool and I think that gave a lot of people in Ireland the belief that they could make their dreams come true. Ireland has never lacked for optimism but there was a certain lack of conviction. I think Irish people doubted their own sophistication but then you see Bono standing up in front of the whole world and you recognise yourself in him and start to believe "I could do that".'
   Bono speaks very highly of them, too. 'I think of them as like the Carpenters dressed by Gianni Versace,' he says. With the pianist Maurice Seezer, Bono has contributed a song to the Corrs' new album,
Borrowed Heaven. Time Enough For Tears is a smoky ballad delivered with the jazzy sensuality of an after-hours Norah Jones. 'I thought it would suit Andrea's voice to try something a little more sensuous,' Bono says, who proclaims himself in awe of the Corrs' musical gifts. 'There is no one in the pop charts that has these musical chops, believe me. They write songs in an hour. It's scary. Melodically, they are hugely sophisticated. And Andrea has one of the great voices. The only thing that frustrates me is that they don't stay on the job more. It's almost too easy for them. I think we're still waiting for their great work.'

There's also a small picture of Bono & The Edge with some of the Corrs and Annie Lennox at the venue of the 46664 concert.
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