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Live Aid II

LIVE Aid is to be held AGAIN — 20 years on.

The mega concert to ease Third World debt — on the anniversary of the 1985 original — will be unveiled this week.

Tony Blair is backing what promises to be the greatest pop bash in history.

Last night a Whitehall source confirmed: “It’s going to be bigger and better than before.”

Live Aid II is the brainchild of U2 rocker Bono, 44.

He will officially announce it this week.

Robbie Williams and Oasis are tipped to head a stellar line-up of acts next year that could also include Coldplay and Radiohead.

Sir Paul McCartney and Phil Collins, stars of the first Live Aid, may also appear.

The 1985 event, staged simultaneously at Wembley and in Philadelphia, was watched on TV by 1.4billion worldwide.

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