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The Spirit is in the house!

So, today my youth group led the worship service at my church. It was incredible. A few weeks ago we were coming up with ideas for what to sing/say/etc., and I (as subtly as possible) suggested reading Psalm 40 and singing "40". It took a bit of convincing, and listening to the song, and figuring out how to adapt it to acoustic guitar and some 50 voices, but we did! It was so amazing to be teaching everyone the song a couple weeks ago and just have people joining in.....little by little....one voice turning into many. One of my leaders said she cried just hearing us sing it. (But then again, she's pregnant and therefore very hormonal. :Þ)

And then I read a meditation (like a mini-sermon, I suppose). Our theme was "Shout to the Lord." I talked about how you shout about something you're passionate for, and how Bono shouts stuff like "Hallelujah!" or "the Spirit is in the house!" during concerts. (Interestingly enough, another one of my leaders talked about that during a Sunday school-ish class; that's why I mentioned it.) So then I went into how much I love U2, and how, when I see them in concert (not if! when! thinking positive here!) I'll shout myself hoarse. And so, if I shout for U2 because I'm passionate about them, shouldn't I be shouting for God when he's given me so much?

So hell yeah did I shout! I shouted about Bono, I shouted about God, I even shouted about the Belmont Stakes yesterday. (Crushing, absolutely crushing). We even opened the service with "Shout!" As in, the song from "Animal House." :D The best thing about that is, we're from a Presbyterioan church- which means that, as much as I love my church, we're really stiff and boring. And we were shaking and singing and shouting like a bunch of Pentecostals. :D
The next item on my agenda: to sing "Gloria" with the choir......now that would rock!

Anyone else have experience with U2 in church?
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