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Rumor: Album name

Got this from :P¨


U2 Diagnosed with Vertigo for New Album?
New domain registrations may suggest upcoming album title

@U2, June 29, 2004

by Matt McGee

If history is any indication, U2's next studio album might be named

  The evidence suggesting the album title comes in the form of two
domain names which were registered last week, and The domains were registered June 22nd by a James Cooke
of Dublin, and both domains point to nameservers at Digital:CC --
that's the Dublin-based web and multimedia production company co-owned
by Adam Clayton's brother, Sebastian. Cooke is listed as the contact
person for Digital:CC at the company's listing at

  Contacted this week by @U2, Regine Moylett, U2's publicity director in
London, didn't confirm or deny if Vertigo was the new album name, or
one of the names being considered. She did tell @U2 the album name is
"not yet known."

  History suggests, however, that Vertigo may be one of the names being
considered for the new album.

  In the summer of 2000, just months before the release of All That You
Can't Leave Behind, Digital:CC registered more than a dozen names that
referenced U2-related phrases. (See our August 11, 2000, story.) The
first names they registered were and And much like the recent registration of, these older names were also registered by the same James
Cooke of Digital:CC. Compare here:


  As far as we know, and are the only domain
names to be registered that may be related to the new U2 album.
However, it's very possible that other names we're not aware of have
also been registered, and that the Vertigo domain names have nothing at
all to do with the album. But we think history suggests otherwise, and
we'll continue to seek confirmation and further information about the
name of the next U2 album.

  © @U2/McGee, 2004.

[note: there are several web links in the online version of this story: is the link to @U2]

What do y'all think about this name? If this rumor is true, i think it's okay though it's not that deep. It's better than Solar, for sure.  

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