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Curiousity's got the better of me.

Hello everyone,

I am making this post for two reasons.

1. This has probably been asked before, but what is the favourite tour of everyone here? I have lately fallen completely in love with Lovetown (seems kind of appropriate, huh?) and I keep repeating my Lovetown recordings over and over. They played such an awesome variety of songs and setlists, when Bono's voice was in working order he sounded amazing, and the whole band came together as a fantastic unit. I believe Where The Streets Have No Name hit its peak on this tour, and little beats Hawkmoon 269 and God Part II live.

2. I'm not always up to date with quotes from members of the band, and considering how political they are (especially Bono), I was wondering if any of them had spoken any thoughts on the genocide currently occurring in Sudan. I posted this entry about it that I encourage each and every one of you to read (the situation truly is thoroughly horrific and people need to be aware of what's happening), and I was curious as to whether there had been any statements from the U2 camp. I guess, with the lost/stolen CD, they are focused on other things, but I'm passionate about this issue so I thought I'd ask anyway.

Have a good one,
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