Heretical Prophet (u2biscuit) wrote in u2,
Heretical Prophet

Quiz time!! (a real quiz, not one of them "You Are The Edge!" things)

I thought I’d devise a little U2 IQ test of people’s fandom to separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls, the animals from, well, the baby animals, in this group. As you will see, there are varying levels of difficulty. If you disagree with my placement of the questions in the various levels, I guess there’s not really much you can do about it. ;)

So give it a go, and have fun with it. Post the answers as a comment to this entry. I’ll post the answers in a few days. Enjoy!


1. Which band member posted the note on a high school bulletin board that led to the formation of the band?
2. Name the song this lyric originates from: “We’re free to fly the crimson sky/the sun won’t melt our wings tonight.”
3. What is The Edge’s real name?
4. From where did U2 get its name (Bonus: who suggested it to the band)?


5. Name the three U2 albums that include title tracks (i.e. the title of the album is also the title of one of the songs on the album).
6. Which band member’s brother was a member of the band in its early days?
7. Name the song this lyric originates from: “You never felt alive/until you’d almost wasted away”
8. Where was The Unforgettable Fire recorded?


9. What was the alias the band used to appear in disguise as an opening act for themselves occasionally during The Joshua Tree tour?
10. Name the song this lyric originates from: “Scarlett eyes and see through heart/she saw me coming right from the start”
11. Who is the only band member to miss a U2 concert (bonus: what city was the band playing in when it happened)?
12. On what tour did U2 play in Israel for the first (and, thus far, only) time?


13. Name the three songs the phrase “Dream out loud” appears in (hint: one of them is a b-side).
14. What area of Dublin does the line “I see seven towers/but I only see one way out”, from the song Running to Stand Still, refer to (i.e. Where are the “seven towers”)?
15. Name the song this lyric originates from: “These winds and tides/these changing times won’t drag you away.”
16. Where did the album name Achtung Baby! come from?
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