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Quizzie answers

Thanks for the amazing response to my little quiz. I had fun putting it together, and it seems like everyone had fun having a go at it.

Here are the answers...I'll use a cut, so in case some of you haven't tried it yet, you can scroll back a couple of days and give it a go without me ruining your fun...


1. Which band member posted the note on a high school bulletin board that led to the formation of the band?
Larry...pretty much everyone got this one
2. Name the song this lyric originates from: “We’re free to fly the crimson sky/the sun won’t melt our wings tonight.”
Even Better Than the Real Thing
3. What is The Edge’s real name?
Dave Evans...hell I didn't even know his middle name was Howell...there's some keeners out there!
4. From where did U2 get its name (Bonus: who suggested it to the band)?
The American spy plane. One person noted correctly the famous incident where a U2 spy plane was shot down over Siberia a week before Bono was born. It was indeed Steve Averill who suggested it. Lots of people noted that SA had suggested the name but didn't indicate where the term "U2" came from, which is what I was bad wording, so I gave one point to anyone said either Steve Averill or the spy plane and 2 points to people who said both.


5. Name the three U2 albums that include title tracks (i.e. the title of the album is also the title of one of the songs on the album).
October, The Unforgettable Fire, and Zooropa
6. Which band member’s brother was a member of the band in its early days?
Edge's brother Dik Evans...given the success rate on this question, I probably should have put it in the Novice section, but I was going for something that would be known to those with at least some biographical background on the band rather than just liking their music
7. Name the song this lyric originates from: “You never felt alive/until you’d almost wasted away”
Please...again was going for a song that got radio play, but would really only be noticed by serious U2 fans
8. Where was The Unforgettable Fire recorded?
It was recorded at both Slane Castle (which, just to clarify, isn't the castle pictured on the album cover) and Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin, but I gave full marks for Slane Castle. I had to be a hard ass and look for something a little more specific than Ireland ;)


9. What was the alias the band used to appear in disguise as an opening act for themselves occasionally during The Joshua Tree tour?
The Dalton Brothers
10. Name the song this lyric originates from: “Scarlett eyes and see through heart/she saw me coming right from the start”
Slow of my fav songs from the Zooropa era...also didn't know there was an acoustic version from the Stay single! Thanks Canadanne!
11. Who is the only band member to miss a U2 concert (bonus: what city was the band playing in when it happened)?
Adam Clayton missed the first of two shows in Sydney during the ZooTV/Zoomerang tour on November 26, 1993...most nailed this one too
12. On what tour did U2 play in Israel for the first (and, thus far, only) time?
PopMart...they also played Sarajevo and South Africa for the first time on the same tour


13. Name the three songs the phrase “Dream out loud” appears in (hint: one of them is a b-side).
Acrobat, Zooropa, and Always
14. What area of Dublin does the line “I see seven towers/but I only see one way out”, from the song Running to Stand Still, refer to (i.e. Where are the “seven towers”)?
The answer I accepted was the Ballymun housing project on the northside of Dublin, close to where Bono grew up, which, as several of you noted, was recently demolished
15. Name the song this lyric originates from: “These winds and tides/these changing times won’t drag you away.”
Drowning Man...was pleasantly surprised that so many knew this one and love this song. It's one of my favorites and definitely one of their most underrated (and obscure) songs. Was surprised at one particular respondant who blanked on the first three lyric questions but nailed this one!
16. Where did the album name Achtung Baby! come from?
The correct answer is the Mel Brooks film The Producers. Since there was some debate on this, my source is Bill Flanagan's book U2: At the End of the World. Someone actually gave the exact quote from the movie. Someone else also correctly noted that an earlier name being tossed around was Adam.

stdivine (good thing checked to make sure you had answered them all!) and stateless got every question and the two bonuses right (18 points). Please heap praise and admiration on them!

signifiers, canadanne, and sirensong984 got 17 points by either getting all Q's right and missing a bonus, or missing one quesition and getting both bonuses. They are also worthy of starry-eyed admiration.

And most of the rest of you got one or two questions wrong, proving that, in our hearts, we're all U2 geeks (why else would we be here?)! Now that I have demonstrated that I have wayyy too much time on my hands, I'd love to see others posting U2 trivia. Because I'm sure there's someone out there who has more U2 knowledge jammed into their brain than I do!
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