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bono pictures and a thought

hi everyone. i was wondering if you knew where i could find medium to high quality bono pictures for my new layout. most of the sites out there have smaller pictures, and nothing too great. if you know where i can find scans or something, that would be cool

on an unrelated topic...

on one of the sites i was looking on, i saw a poll for favorite album that almost 14,000 people have taken, so i'm assuming it's pretty close to accurate. obviously u2 fans would be the ones to go to u2 websites, so most of the voters should be knowledgeable about the choices, and with 14,000 votes, i would say there was a pretty fair sample size. the joshua tree was leading with 33%, and achtung baby [my personal favorite] trailed closely with 31%. i believe that atyclb had 14%, and then the rest were all under 5%. i wish i could remember the site, and i can't even look in the history of my browser because i was at so many today!

i was thinking this morning, and the poll i saw tonight confirmed my thoughts. was the late eighties/early nineties the "golden age" of u2? was that the best they will ever be, or will future work be even better? i think that atyclb was much better than the previous two albums, and i wonder if the new album will surpass that one, or will it not rise to the greatness of what came before it. opinions?

EDIT: i am aware of the existence of u2photos, i was wondering if you knew of any websites
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