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Even Better Than......the original thing!

For those who want to cut to the chase: my friend cleaned up the Vertigo clip and put a new copy of it here: http://users.adelphia.net/~destra96/u2.mp3

The whole story: one night, some weeks ago, my friend (his name's Eric) and I were IMing each other. I was being my normal fangirly self and rambling about U2 when he said, "I'm actually listening to 'Gloria' right now." To which I of course, being the obsessed fangirl I am, responded, "You are? Really?! Cool!!" He told me he did indeed have UABRS. (Am I the only one who gets really excited to discover that friends and acquaintances own U2 albums? Or am I just a major fangirl dork for that?) I advised him to check out some of their 90's stuff. And about an hour later, out of nowhere, he said, "Hey, I'm listening to Achtung Baby right now, and I really like it!" Continuing to be a fangirl I said how awesome that was, etc. etc. He has now, apparently, converted to full-fledged fandom. YES! I am so proud. And so, yesterday, he wrote this:

I was bored this morning so I took a couple hours to clean up this mp3 clip of the new u2 album: http://www.stuckinamoment.net/Songs/u2-2004niza.mp3. It has a couple guys talking and being generally noisy (I think one of them unzips his fly about 30 seconds in). I couldn't get of them without ruining the music, too, so I had to settle for eliminating the background noise and what sounds like the ocean (maybe that's supposed to be there, but I don't care) and trying to fix the resulting mess by boosting the lower end frequencies. Also I normalized the volume to make the voices a little quieter with respect to the music. I don't know how well I succeeded with my overall mission, but here's the resultant mp3: http://users.adelphia.net/~destra96/u2.mp3

My sounds system is thoroughly screwed up, so I haven't listened to it yet. Let me know how it sounds and I'll pass along the word to Eric! (Unless he joins the community which I may just have to make him do.)
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